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June 2024 - Nearly halfway through another year ! Have just completed some private collection cataloguing here in the UK, resulting is some unusual world antiques coming to the market over the next couple of months. Items secured this June include: A 19th century Corsican 'vendetta' knife, (large size), bronze Jain bronze figures from India, (3 examples), Islamic metal-work (including an unusual kashkul). Also, an impressive Japanese Taisho period lacquered timber drinks cabinet. Email for further details.

May 2024 - This month has so far been very successful in the search for more unusual fresh stock for the business ! Items this May include:- lost wax brass castings from Sarawak and Brunei, Chinese porcelain and bronzes, (including a good 'ding' form censer), Karen Hill betel accoutrements - with further items now available - email for updates, also check the latest 'news tab' on the website.

April 2024 - Despite what appears to be 'winter' returning to the UK ! So far this April, visits have been made to some of the main antiques events - including a visit to a large new venue. More private collection dispersals have also proved very worth while. Items recently added to stock include:- unusual betel / sirih related boxes and accoutrements, 18th century pewter from Germany and The Netherlands, early 20th century wood carvings and metal objects form Africa's Kuba people (D.R.C.) and the Tchokwe people (Angola). More items to follow - as always, email with any specific requests etc.

March 2024 - At last ! The UK's major antiques events are now starting-up ! It's great to get back on the road hunting for more unusual world antiques. Items already added to stock include:- Fine gilt enamel work from Kashmir, (seven items). Regency period English Sterling silver sugar nips and tongs, Asante gold dust boxes and accoutrements from Ghana and 18th Century Mughal bronze ewers. Email for updates, also check the latest 'news tab' on the website.

January 2024 - Wishing all customers - both old and new - a happy and healthy 2024 !

New stock available this Jan to include: A fine Nizwa (Oman) copper & brass dallah, a fine Safavid brass 'magic' bowl from Iran, good 19th century examples of Kashmiri enamelled work - also native weapons form Australia. As always, email for details.

IMPORTANT UPDATE - The "World Silver" category has now been discontinued as a stand alone heading. Silver items are now displayed with other items in the region of origin, ie Chinese silver will now appear in the category "Chinese antiques", Indonesian silver in the category "South East Asia" etc. Betel / Sireh related silver items will continue to appear in the "Betel Accoutrements" category.

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